Northeast Students Learn, Sing About Martin

Northeast Students Learn, Sing About Martin photo

Pre-K and kindergarten students came together to celebrate renowned Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during an assembly on Jan. 18 at Northeast Elementary School.

Students studied Dr. King’s life and his contributions to the United States and the world in their classes. When they gathered for the schoolwide celebration, Principal Dr. Pauline Collins asked several students to share what they learned. The youngsters cited Dr. King’s commitments to kindness and peace, and how he fought hard to ensure that all students could attend school together regardless of race.

Led by music teacher Nicole Altamura, students joined hands for a vocal performance of “Sing About Martin.” They concluded the assembly by singing “This Little Light of Mine.” In between, they heard an excerpt of Dr. King’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech.

Dr. Collins said it is important for students to understand why they have a day off from school each January — to celebrate Dr. King’s efforts toward peace and equality. She also reminded them to incorporate the values he preached into their everyday lives.

“We should have respect for each other regardless of our differences,” she said. “We actually share a lot more in common.”