Spark! Challenge Creates Interest in Medical Professions

Spark! Challenge Creates Interest in Medical Professions thumbnail119531
A team of students from Amityville Memorial High School earned a monetary prize in Northwell Health’s 2019 Spark! Challenge. For the third consecutive year, students were invited by Northwell to explore careers in the STEM and medical fields. 

Amityville students were given a unique opportunity to preview clinical and non-clinical career paths in the hospital through practical and engaging encounters with professionals in the field. One group visited the department of radiation medicine in which they learned about radiation treatments. The second group of students explored a variety of career scenarios and simulations in infection control, material management, environment services, finance, accounting and project management.

In April, students had to present their findings to a panel of top executives from Northwell Health. At the competition, they were asked to create a marketing plan highlighting one of the careers they had seen at the health facility, and present their knowledge about that specialization. The event was held at the Crest Hollow Country Club where 50 schools competed for prizes.

Amityville’s team earned a $2,000 prize as a first-place winner in the presentation category. It consisted of seniors Alyssa Graham, Ariel Graham, Alyena Kokoglu, Rachelle Louis Jean and Nathan Odige and junior Jazmin Ruiz Marcelo, along with senior Raiphy Jerez as the graphic designer. 

In addition to learning more about medical careers, the students were able to cultivate essential skills, such as teamwork and communication. This event played a pivotal role assisting students with career direction.