First Day of School Marks New Beginnings

First Day of School Marks New Beginnings  thumbnail133366

It was a big moment for students in Amityville Memorial High School’s Class of 2032 as they started kindergarten on Sept. 3, the first step on their 13-year path to graduation. Faculty and staff at Northeast Elementary School warmly greeted children as they were dropped off by their parents or arrived by bus.

“Today is an exciting day,” Principal Dr. Pauline Collins said. “We are thrilled to meet our new students starting their educational journey.”

While some students became familiar with the building last year in pre-K, Dr. Collins said that kindergarten is the first full year of school for the children so it is a big transition. She said the goal is to create a warm and nurturing environment, where children feel comfortable and supported. All students wore nametags that were color-coded to their class, to help everyone find their way on the first day.

Throughout the district, approximately 3,000 students started school at five buildings following a busy summer that upgraded the facilities. The 2019-20 school year features the introduction and expansion of several academic programs at all levels.