Warriors are Ready to Walk the World

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Completion of a 25,000-mile journey is the goal in the Amityville Union Free School District, which recently launched its Warriors Walk the World initiative. Evan Farkas, the director of athletics, physical education and health, said that the mission is to have students, staff and community members walk a collective 66 million steps over the course of the year.

Warriors Walk the World is a districtwide health initiative from the School Health and Wellness Committee, a group of board of education members, administrators and teachers, with representation from all five schools. The distance to be traveled is roughly the equivalent of the Earth’s circumference.

At the elementary level, physical education teachers will show children how to keep journals to track their steps, while at the secondary level students will learn how to use fitness apps available on their phones. Teachers will also work with students to develop personal fitness goals. 

The initiative includes stops at each continent in the form of family fun nights. Mr. Farkas explained that the purpose is to celebrate the diversity of the district and give children an opportunity to learn about other cultures. Each school will host at least one event, beginning with South America Night on Wednesday, Nov. 20 at 6 p.m. at Amityville Memorial High School.

Warriors Walk the World nights will include food, music, games and a fitness activity. For example, Mr. Farkas said, Antarctica Night on Dec. 13 at Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School will feature a game of freeze tag.

Students began receiving their passports at the Homecoming Festival on Oct. 18. The passports are stamped for each activity night they attend, and the number of stamps a child has determines the number of raffle tickets they get for prize giveaways. The culminating event will be a color run and barbecue in the spring.

“Warriors Walk the World is a motivational initiative to get children active and keep them active,” Mr. Farkas said. “This is a fun and exciting way to encourage fitness at our schools.”