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Artists Are Among Us at Park Avenue

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Popular video game Among Us was the inspiration for an art contest at Park Avenue Memorial High School. The mobile, multiplayer game with a spaceship theme is trending with youngsters, so they were thrilled by a project in their own school.

Art teacher Susan Zaratin said the premise of the game is that players have to figure out who the imposter is. Each student received a sheet with an outline of an Among Us character and had to create a disguise. Both in-person and remote learners were able to participate in the contest. 

“The students had a lot of fun with this,” Ms. Zaratin said. “They disguised the characters using many creative designs including superheroes and other game characters.”

Winners were selected at each grade level.

Third grade: Jayden Boutista, Jaysalyn Diaz, Carlos Escobar, Natalie Mejia Gomes, Kaylin Quintana Powell, Emily Romero and Jamie Torres.

Fourth grade: Joloni Highsmith-Adams, Christian Nanez, Lily Peterson and Aaliyah Stewart.
Fifth grade: Natalia Benitez, Karina Garrido, Jonell Llamas and Jadi Vasquez.
Monday, May 17, 2021