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Flying Kites for Knowledge at Miles Middle School

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After a month of designing and building, eighth graders at Edmund W. Miles Middle School put the finishing touches on their kites and then went outside to explore the laws of physics.

Students in Christine Quigley’s STEAM class studied the science of flight, learning about drag, gravity and thrust. They then built their own tetrahedral kites, which have greater surface area to catch more wind. Supplies they used included straws, string, tissue paper and glue. 

When it was time to fly on March 26, students brought their kites outside and ran across the back lawn, to see how high their kites flew and for how long. They then returned to the classroom to discuss the results, analyze their designs and identify improvements they could make. Ms. Quigley said the lesson came from NASA’s STEM website and also helped students learn about the scientific method.
Monday, May 17, 2021