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Flowers of Friendship

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As part of its character education program, Northwest Elementary School held its Character Counts Spirit Week from Oct. 19-23.

Throughout the week, students were encouraged to wear a different color that represented a positive character trait. Each day offered a new theme for students to show off their best Character Counts spirit; in addition to “Golden Rule Monday” and “True Blue Tuesday,” students wore orange for “Bully-Free Wednesday,” green for “Responsibility Thursday” and red on “Fabulous Friday” to kick off Red Ribbon Week. Character Counts-themed lessons were incorporated into classroom instruction as well as in art, music and library specials. Students participated in activities that reinforced good behavior and bullying prevention.

During art classes, teacher Lydia Robinson read “The Little Bully” by Beth Bracken. Following the story, students discussed ways to be a good friend. Each student received a flower petal on which to write his or her name and one character trait that represents a good friend, and to illustrate that trait. The petals were arranged in the shape of a flower on a stem and displayed in the hallway.

Friday, July 03, 2020