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Phone: (631) 565-6021
Fax: (631) 691-3215


Private/Parochial School Transportation

All requests for transportation to private and parochial schools for the 2024-2025 school year are due on April 1st.

You may also download the form here and submit it to Amityville Public Schools, c/o Transportation Office, 150 Park Ave. Amityville New York 11701. Completed forms may also be emailed or faxed to 631-691-3215.

Private & Parochial Request Form

Childcare Transportation Requests

A new childcare transportation request form must be submitted each school year. Information is not carried over from year to year. Please contact the Transportation Office at (631)565-6021 as soon as possible for a new application. Applications can also be downloaded by clicking the following links:

Childcare Transportation Request Form



Transporte Escolar Privado / Parroquial

Todas las solicitudes de transporte a escuelas privadas y parroquiales deben hacerse por escrito el 1 de Abril del año escolar anterior o antes.

También puede imprimir el formulario aqui y enviarlo a Amityville Public Schools, c / o Transportation Office, 150 Park Ave. Amityville,New York 11726. Los formularios completos también pueden enviarse por fax al 631-565-6021 o por email.

Solicitudes de Transporte para el Cuidado de Niños

Se debe enviar un nuevo formulario de solicitud de transporte para el cuidado de niños cada año escolar. La información no se transfiere de un año a otro. Comuníquese con la Oficina de Transporte al (631) 565-6021 tan pronto como sea posible para una nueva aplicación.

Tambien Puede imprimir el formulaio pulsando la siguente linea.

Formulario de Solicitud de Transporte para el cuidado de Niños


Rules for Riding Buses

  1. Bus driver is the sole authority on the bus
  2. Wait until the bus fully stops before getting on or off
  3. Enter or leave the bus when the driver indicates
  4. Remain seated until you reach your bus stop
  5. Keep head and arms inside the bus window
  6. Do not discard papers or other waste in bus or out the windows
  7. Smoking is not permitted on a school bus
  8. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in the loss of school bus privileges


Important Phone Numbers

Educational Bus Transportation: