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Northeast Students Have Lots of Heart

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Pre-K students have been spreading some love, and also practicing their literacy and math skills, leading up to Valentine’s Day at Northeast Elementary School.

By making presents for their loved ones, children learned about the true meaning of Valentine’s Day while also expressing themselves creatively. There were a wide variety of projects that students could take home to give to a parent, grandparent or sibling.

Students made “You Stole a Pizza My Heart” crafts out of construction paper, and the pieces of pepperoni were cut in the shape of hearts. They also constructed photo frames with hearts glued around the edges, used pieces of tin foil to make large Hershey’s Kisses, wrapped up paper bears holding a Valentine’s Day poem and made candles by putting a small battery-operated tea candle and red confetti in a mason jar. 

The youngsters practiced their literacy skills by writing Valentine’s Day cards to family and friends. They also used candy hearts to write different letters of the alphabet.

Candy hearts were a popular math tool, as well. Students sorted the hearts by color, counted how many they had of each, then made bar graphs. To learn about patterning, they created Valentine’s Day headbands with paper hearts in alternating colors. 

As a special treat, Olaf from “Frozen” visited the school and was stationed at the “kissing booth” in the main lobby. The kisses were actually Hershey’s Kisses and each child received one at the end of the day to take home and enjoy.
Monday, May 17, 2021