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Third-Graders Write to Peers Across America

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Students in Kelli Geilman’s third-grade class at Northwest recently wrote letters to students they’ve never met in states across the country as part of a unique letter-writing chain.

Dubbed “The Great Mail Race,” the Northwest students received a letter from a student in California with a questionnaire enclosed, urging them to pass along a similar letter to a random elementary school in the U.S.  Ms. Geilman’s class decided to participate.

The third-graders began by filling out the questionnaire, writing a friendly letter and then researching two states to narrow down their search. Once the states were chosen, the students researched a town within that state and an elementary school within that town to address their letter. The letter also contained a questionnaire and instructions, so the selected elementary schools could continue the race.

The exercise encouraged students to develop skills in geography, research and writing as they compiled all the information needed to go into the letters.
Saturday, July 04, 2020