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Cultural Exchange Experience

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In an effort to expose students to diversity among their peers, 40 members of the Amityville Memorial High School’s Warrior Awareness Club (WAC PAC) participated in a Cultural Exchange Program where they visited students at Sayville High School for an entire school day.

To kick off the day, Amityville students enjoyed a breakfast and participated in various icebreaker activities with Sayville students. Amityville students were paired with students in the Golden Flashes Leadership Club at Sayville High School and followed their counterpart’s school schedule. All the students reunited for a Thanksgiving feast and both Amityville and Sayville students shared their experience with the group.

“By immersing students in another school’s culture, they are provided the opportunity to broaden their view of people who are different from themselves, and hopefully become more accepting of others,” said WAC PAC advisor Jason McGowan.

In April, Amityville Memorial High School will host Sayville students for the program.

Saturday, July 04, 2020