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Northwest Elementary School

Our Mission:
To engage students, staff, and parents in a positive program involving character education, leadership skills, and recognition; thus promoting the importance of character development in our elementary school and our community.


A place where Character Counts!


The is a group of Six Animals designed to help children learn about the Six Pillars of Character.

We introduce Six Pillars of Character to our students throughout the school day. The pillars are: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.



Think "true blue".
Shinrai is the CAMEL who always keeps her promises, always does what she says she'll do and is loyal, honest and punctual.
Think the Golden Rule!
Austus, the LION, believes that respect is one of the highest qualities one can have - for nature, for others and for oneself.



Solid and reliable, like an oak.
Ansvar is the ELEPHANT with colorful ribbon ties around his trunk and tail to help him remember his responsibilities.
Think of dividing an orange into equal sections to share fairly with friends.
Guisto is the GIRAFFE who always tries to do what's right. Guisto uses his long neck to see all sides of any issue and has a gentle way of helping others do the same.



Think of a heart
Karina is the KANGAROO who has a seemingly endless supply of things inside her pouch, including a special box of little hears for children she meets on her travels.
Think regal purple as representing the state.
Kupa is the BEAR who considers herself a citizen of the world. A philosopher and poet, she believes that we are all part of the same family and must do our share to help each other.

“Have you been terrific today?”

T R R F C C-
-- Students can use this acronym to help them remember that people with good character are terrific:

T rustworthiness R espect R esponsibility F airness C aring C itizenship

Monday, March 27, 2023