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Kindness is the Warrior Way at Park Avenue

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Valentine’s Day is about spreading love, so Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School declared the week leading up to the holiday as Kindness Week.

There were different spirit days throughout the week, beginning with “Kindness Warriors,” as students and staff wore Amityville gear or red and gray. “Peace, Love and Kindness” was marked with tie-dye clothing. To wrap up the week, students learned that “kindness makes your hear grow,” so they wore pink and red.   

Students contributed to the “Be the I in Kind” tree in the lobby. The leaves were pink, purple and red hearts with messages the children wrote about the different ways they can show kindness to others. 

Guidance counselor Kimberly Balducci said students learned about the importance of “random acts of kindness” and how those small but meaningful gestures can brighten someone’s day. Showing kindness can have a ripple effect, she added, spreading good will from one person to the next.

The week ended with surprise recognition for a Park Avenue staff member who has exemplified kindness. Students and staff honored school nurse Pat Johnson. 
Monday, May 17, 2021