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Northeast Students Create Healthy Habits at a Young Age

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Healthy food list
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Healthy food list
Not only are pre-K students at Northeast Elementary School learning how to become readers, writers and mathematicians, but they are learning how to live long and healthy lives. For Amityville’s youngest learners, that means focusing on healthy eating. 

Students recently have been learning what food should be part of a regular diet, and what food should only be eaten occasionally. In Lisa Iannotta’s class, pre-K students were given pictures of items from supermarket circulars and sorted them into “everyday food” and “sometimes food” lists. Children in Yvette Carman’s class had a group discussion to identify the foods they should and shouldn’t eat daily, then made their own chart. 
Items like meat, milk, fruits, vegetables and yogurt were in the everyday category, while cake and cookies, French fries, potato chips and soda were deemed sometimes food.
Monday, May 17, 2021