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HS Holds UN World’s Fair

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The culminating event of Amityville High School’s participation in the Model UN Conference this year was its World’s Fair, held in the school’s gymnasium on May 21.

Throughout the year, social studies students at the high school were assigned a specific country, which they were required to study, research, write about and argue on behalf of during the Model UN Conference. After months of this intensive study, the students were tasked with creating visual presentations of their assigned country, drawing attention to its language, culture, foods, clothing, music, politics and history.

The World’s Fair gave students the opportunity to present their countries to other social studies classes and offer their peers an interactive experience. Visitors to the World’s Fair were treated to samples of traditional cuisine, such as Russia’s borscht, a juice derived from beets, and Venezuelan tequenos, a fried dish of cheese and flour.  

Students also created models of historical landmarks, such as the Tower of London, and some provided live jazz music to accompany their presentations on the United States.

Friday, July 03, 2020