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Making Reading Cozy at Northwest

Making Reading Cozy at Northwest photo thumbnail82286

Young readers are making themselves comfortable at Northwest Elementary School, as teachers have taken a new approach in helping children develop a love for literature.

Students are no longer confined to just their desks, as many teachers have reconfigured their classrooms to provide alternate settings to read. First-grade teacher Kristee Lovett has designed her classroom to look like a campsite with a tent, camping chairs and log-themed pillows and seat cushions. 

“Ms. Lovett’s Happy Campers” visit the classroom library to select books on their level, and then spread out around the room for independent reading. She visits each of them during this time for individual conferences to assess how each child is growing as a reader. 

Second-grade co-teachers Jennie Smith and Kerrin Faulkner have brought alternative seating into their classroom for reading time. Students can choose an option that is right for them, selecting from gaming chairs, large pillows, beanbag chairs, yoga mats, rubber donuts and scoop rockers. 

Ms. Faulkner said that children need to move in order to focus, and all the seating choices allow them to do so. She added that if students are in a comfortable spot, they are more likely to read for a longer period of time.

“Reading is an experience in which we want students engaged,” she said, “so we encourage them to find a comfy spot, just like they would at home.”

Thursday, August 06, 2020